The New Care Package

A few decades ago a care package was known as a food package or survival kit for families and friends. But today, there is a new care package to help us  assist others cope with the fast paced life modern society has created. Today’s care package involves a more personal touch, to just be there for someone, without the expectation of receiving something in return. Continue reading “The New Care Package”

Addicted to Technology

Today it seems impossible to walk down the street without bumping into someone looking down. They are not looking at the ground though, but instead their attention is focused on the smart phone in hand. Has society become so reliant on their phones that they don’t remember what it is like to interact with a real person? Are we putting our health and wellbeing at risk by staring at a screen all day? Continue reading “Addicted to Technology”


There are many things we can take gratitude in as an individual. But there are even more simple ways which we can help others be grateful. It does not have to be big. In fact, it is the small, simple things in life that can brighten up someone’s day. Continue reading “Gratitude”