The lost art of travel

Many years ago, travel used to be like a night at the opera. People dressed in their best outfits before boarding a flight to an exotic destination. Half the fun of a holiday was was the journey. Airlines were happy to welcome passengers with smiles and drinks. Every class was business class. The planes were comfortable and it was pretty much a social occasion to be seen flying. This was the golden age of travel. Continue reading “The lost art of travel”

Books can improve your social life and stimulate your brain

This weekend in Adelaide is the Jaipur Literary Festival (JLP), where authors showcases their latest works. The JLP rounds out the annual Oz Asia festival and provides a look into stories about culture and lives of people told through the eyes of a writer. It is not only an entertaining weekend, but one of learning through storytelling. Continue reading “Books can improve your social life and stimulate your brain”

How to Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween

As Australia continues to embrace the American tradition, known as Halloween,  the day where children visit their neighbours and receive candies, lollies, chocolates and other sugary treats.  While this may seem innocent on the face of it, many children also end their Halloween celebrations with a trip to the dentist or local doctor. Perhaps even having a close call with tooth decay and diabetes. Continue reading “How to Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween”