Adelaide Cafe Culture

As summer heats up; the bars, cafes and resaurants across Adelaide start to draw more and more people.  Summer is a popular time for people to not only enjoy the warm weather, but to taste some of the State’s best food and wine. Summer is the perfect opportunity to get outside and explore the food and wine options about town. This month I have taken the time to get back out there to visit a few of my favourites. Continue reading “Adelaide Cafe Culture”

What does it really mean to be Australian?

January 26, Australia Day and also a controversial day in Australia’s complex history. The debate goes on about whether the date should be changed or not. But no-one is willing to step up and make a decision. However, this is not a political post, this is about how on Australia Day we should celebrate how Australia has grown into a diverse and culturally rich society. Continue reading “What does it really mean to be Australian?”