Famous Bones of the Catacombs

Did you know that the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris attracted visitors even before modern day tourism. Even before the last bones were moved there in 1814. They have been a major attraction for centuries, with the larger underground crypt areas said to be used as joining concert halls in the 1800s. The ambience and acoustics were great for reverberating sound.

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The Politics of Travel

There is one topic that is taboo in the world of travel. That is politics. Every country has their own opinion on how each political leader manages a country, but it is not something that is spoken of. All in all, people get uncomfortable when the topic of politics is raised. However, it is important to understand that we do not exist in isolation of political events. Each decision we make while travelling, every person we meet, everything we do, everywhere we go, all have a political impact on our world. Continue reading “The Politics of Travel”

Whale Watch Adelaide

Winter in Australia can get cold, but that is the best time to head for the south coast and try an spot some playful whales. From as early as mid May head south to glimpse any of the 30 species of whales found in South Australian waters. The whales usually hang around until early September before heading off again. The most popular places to catch a glimpse of the whales Victor Harbor through to Goolwa. Continue reading “Whale Watch Adelaide”