Beautiful Butchart

This week’s post is a photo gallery of my visit to the gorgeous Butchart Gardens in Canada. The Butchart Gardens were a highlight of my travels to Canada.  It was amazing to see such dedication and detail put into each of the gardens.  Walking from one to the next is literally like walking into another world.  This was a magical journey of beauty that I would like to share with you all this week.  So sit back and be transported to the gardens of paradise.

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Magical Madrid

Madrid is truly memorable because of the people I met and the experiences shared along the way.  The reason we travel is not just about the places but it is about the people.  Only so much can be learnt from a guidebook, such as the history of a country.  To know a city more intimately, it is best to talk to those who know it best. The people. Continue reading “Magical Madrid”

Hawaiian Summer Sunset

I wanted to see a beautiful sunset.  After I had heard  so much about the amazing sunsets in Hawaii, I had to experience it for myself.  Tempted and curious to find out if Hawaii truly had the best sunset on the planet I was not disappointed.  It was true.  The sunsets in Hawaii are beautiful and the most magical I have seen so far on my travel journey. 
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