An evening of French History at Le Lido

Looking for a special night out in Paris, then Le Lido is the place to go.  Located on the famous shopping strip, the Champs-Elysees, you are treated to an evening of magical entertainment and the best of Parisian cabaret.

Choose the dinner and show package and you get a delicious three course meal with complimentary glass of champagne. During dinner the pre-entertainment cabaret entertains you and sets the scene for a magical night of Parisian entertainment. Of course, this includes the famous can-can with a new twist.

The Lido has an interesting history that can be traced back to 1928 with a beach constructed in the basement of an old townhouse at 78 Champs-Elysees that later transformed into a shopping gallery called `Arcades’.  The basement was named `Lido Paris Beach’ complete with indoor pool was a place where children came to play. After midnight it turned into an adult entertainment venue complete with a casino, musical shows and other entertainment.

At the height of the Great Depression Le Lido became bankrupt and closed up until it was rescued in 1936 and given a facelift that replaced the beach with a temple and new shows. 

It was after the Second World War that major works that Le Lido went through a full transformational change to become a major venue for the exciting cabaret shows you can still see today.

The new look Le Lido opened again on 20 June 1946, and presented what would become a legacy of beautiful costumes, talented dancers and versatile performers. Visitors were treated to splendidly, prestigious and unique show that would constantly reinvent itself. However, as the shows became more popular and visitor numbers grew, Le Lido moved into its current home surrounded by exclusive Parisian shopping on Champs-Elysees in 1977.

Paris 2018

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