Why travel is good for your mental health

As parts of the world emerge from a year (and a bit) of lockdown, we are seeing an increase in requests for mental health assistance. These reports are not surprising considering that humans need real social interaction to thrive. As a traveller, you would have spent the past year wondering when you will be able to get out and meet other people and communicate in real time again. Social meetups were key to you maintaining your optimal health and wellbeing.

During the past year you have had to make do with FaceTime, Zoom and other video chats to stay connected to family, friends and work colleagues. While these mediums are adequate in the short term, they cannot replace your need for face tot face, in person, human contact to thrive.

While some countries are starting to open up the opportunity to travel and social connection, others are still a long way off from welcoming travellers. The longer they remain closed off to the world means the more socially isolated they are at risk of becoming.

it is the social isolation that causes the build up of stress which ironically is a huge contributor to mental and emotional health concerns. The longer the isolation period also means limited availability of information you receive, mainly in the form of mainstream media and internet news which may not always be accurate or helpful to providing you what you need to know.

The constant stream of bad news can also be detrimental to your wellbeing leads you further down the path of distress, increasing your stress levels and mental health concerns putting your whole wellbeing at risk.

So, how can you maintain your wellbeing as the world slowly makes its recovery?

As limited as they are, video calls still provide you contact with your loved ones, so it is important to keep in regular contact and share how you are feeling. You should also seek support from your doctor or psychologist about ways to maintain your mental health.

If you can get outside as much as possible, fresh air and nature have been proven to have a calming and relaxing affect on the mind and body.

While meditation is not for everyone, there are many mindful techniques which allow you to focus on improving your mental and emotional health.

As a qualified holistic health coach, I have put together a free masterclass on how to maintain your mental health and happiness post lockdown. If you have always been curious about meditation and other mindfulness techniques but not known where to start, this one hour session will introduce you to the basics.

As the world slowly begins to emerge from the darkness which was 2020, let’s hope that face to face social interactions are one step closer to reality.

To register for my free masterclass, please express your interest below and receive further information.

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