Is the Airport Experience Dead?

Remember how you loved to step inside an airport, filled with anticipation and excitement for your upcoming trip. People were somewhat enthused to be taking their trips and the whole process flowed seamlessly.Security personnel, although tough, were not as off putting.

Today, however, that experience appears to have diminished. There appears to be no customer service or enjoyment on the faces of security personnel anymore. It is like they no longer enjoy their jobs which can lead to disengagement.This in turn can result in a deterioration in the level of service provided to their customers.

Over the past couple of months I have taken a couple of flights within Australia. In past years, as I passed through security I have always made a habit of greeting the personnel and they would respond. However, on these recent occasions they have not been so courteous. Thus, begins the end of the enjoyable airport experience.

Humans are naturally social and love to interact, chat and learn from each other. When that connection has a barrier put in front of it, people start to feel less social and moody.

At the airport the human connection has deteriorated, especially when everyone must wear masks as soon as they step inside. Seeing a person’s face when you talk to them means effective communication because you can immediately see how they react or feel about the conversation. At present, it is hard to gauge someone’s reaction during a conversation. Hopefully the mask requirement is short lived so communication can be more effective and engaging.

If you have been lucky to travel, even short distances, have you noticed how the airport experience has changed? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

One Reply to “Is the Airport Experience Dead?”

  1. I used to be responsible for 26 UK airports retail operations in the 80s and 90s it definitely has changed ! Less personable and friendly now cold interface dealing with the masses. Less staff and more computerised ops. x


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