A Date with YOU this Valentine’s Day

Self love – to truly love another, one must first love, respect and know thyself.

This week I am posting a piece I wrote for my new upcoming online meditation and holistic health business. On Valentine’s Day, the focus is on showing others love. However, before you can fully appreciate someone else; you must first know yourself.

Do you dread each year when the first signs of Valentine’s Day appear? Everywhere you turn there is some reminder that society is telling us that we need to go out and spend money on things we may not normally spend it on. Such as: fancy dinners, champagne, fine wine, expensive gifts, bouquets of roses and indulging in other unhealthy eating habits and behaviours.

The pressure to create the perfect evening can cause you more stress and have the opposite affect than the one you intend.

❤️ Is this really the way society has embedded it into our minds that this is how to show someone you love them?

🧡 Is this how societal beliefs have led us to show how much we value someone?

💛 Do we believe that if we put others first they will love us and we will feel loved in return?

💚 This Valentine’s Day why not challenge yourself to practice self love?

💙 Why not take yourself on a date? A day and night where you focus on YOU.

It may be unnerving at first, especially when you see lots of couples out on romantic dates. But this Valentine’s Day, you have the opportunity to show yourself love – to put YOU first.

To get you started on planning your perfect date with you, below are some ideas how you can practice self-love on Valentine’s Day.

💕 Party of one for dinner

💕 Movie date night

💕 Indulge in a spa day

💕 Bubble bath and champagne

💕 Dress up for YOU

💕 Send yourself roses (or a gift you will enjoy)

💕 Cook YOUR favourite meal

Connect with your inner self this Valentine’s Day and become a healthier, happier, self-loving YOU. In return, you will discover the power and appreciation of strong love for others. 

If you would like to explore more about my meditation and holistic health venture, hop across to Living a Wholistic Life. I will be offering guided meditations and useful tips on how you can live the best life you dream of.

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