Five Solo Female Traveller Superpowers

We do not need to be superheroes like Wonder Woman gracing the cinema screens at the moment. As solo female travellers we have unique superpowers of our own. Not just to inspire others, but to empower our own confidence, self development and future careers.

Here are five of the superpowers we possess as solo female travellers that you may not recognise yet.

Increased self-awareness of who we are and how we fit into the world with clarity and harmony. We have the strength and power to be our own architect in life. The ability to design the life we want.

Ability to see differences and similarities in cultures. We learn to connect with people from anywhere and engage in conversations, even in other languages. We have an ability to attract random conversations which allows us to develop life long friendships around the world.

We develop leadership traits such as on the go decision making and negotiation skills. We learn quickly how to get the best prices, but respectfully.. We learn how to problem solve and make on the spot decisions in those times when things do not go to plan.

Our self confidence increases along with the capability to handle anything thrown our way. Including the ability to say no and not feel guilty. Most importantly, we develop heightened intuition to know when a place or person does not feel right and know that it is time to move on.

We know how to enjoy the moment of being with ourselves and have the ability to laugh at everything. We know how to be present in our surroundings and appreciate life without judgement.

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