Healing Power of Travel

A travel triangle between South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland has allowed for a mini escape from isolation. After months of lockdown, residents in these States and territory are now able to step across their borders once more. Over the past few months it was hard to imagine a world without an ability to travel.

This past October long weekend I was able to escape up to Queensland away from the southern winter. It felt great to be able to get out and about again.

Travel inspires gratitude, it soothes and transforms you and makes you more appreciative of your ability to explore the world. My time on the Gold Coast had me savouring every moment and looking upon the beachfront paradise with a fresh perspective. It was not as crowded as usual but there were enough people around to make the trip comfortable.

Before a vacation you generally do not realise how tired, stressed and unhappy you are. A trip away from your normal life awakens you and shifts your mood. Travel allows you to focus on the present moment and become aware of how you feel. Upon your return, you will find that you one back happier and relaxed.

As we slowly emerge into a new world post COVID, the freedom to travel will mean much more to us than before.

Photos courtesy of Google Clip Art gallery

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