Walking the Calming Coast

South Australia is blessed with miles of beautiful, natural and often rugged coastline. Most of them can be found south of Adelaide where the crowds thin out and and at times you can have the beach to yourself. Perfect for self reflection and resetting yourself before or after a busy day.

A particular calming place to walk and reflect is along the 17.1 kilometre Witton Bluff Coastal trail between Hallett Cove and Christies Beach. With the remaining 1.4 kilometres to be completed next year, from Christies Beach to Port Noarlunga, it will mean an uninterrupted stretch of coastal trail all the way to Sellick’s Beach.

As you walk along the trail the sound of the waves rolling in and out is soothing and provides much needed relaxation to help you unwind. There are many places along the trail to step onto the soft, golden sand and sit a while.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to natural, sandy beaches in the south where you can spend time in peace; away from the crowds and craziness of the city beaches

The trail is the southern part of a vision for an uninterrupted 70 kilometre linear coastal park from Sellicks Beach (in the south) to North Haven (in the north). When the remaining 13.1 kilometres are completed it will be an amazing coastal trail for everyone to enjoy as the area attracts not only locals, but those from outside the area and tourists visiting the State.

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