An Alien in Adelaide

Do you ever feel like you may have grown out of the place which you live in? Is your heart in another city, state, or even another country? Lockdown over the past few months has given us an opportunity to reflect on where we are in life. We ask questions of ourselves. And with a second wave waiting in the wings, it may give us time for some deep reflection on what is important in life.

I had another train of thought for this week’s post, but with the potential of a second wave lurking across Australia, I thought it would be a good idea to examine the behaviours of people we see putting everyone at risk. The photos I have used this week were taken back in March when my city of Adelaide had imposed stay at home rules. The emptiness of city streets gives an almost haunting feel with closed shops, restaurants and bars which would have usually been bustling with activity.Of course, no-one wants to be locked up with their freedom taken away. But that is what it might come to again if people continue to breach the temporary restrictions put in place. The more society continues to act complacent and reckless, the longer it will be until we can live again.

It takes a crisis to bring out the worst in people and the past few months are no exception. From fighting over toilet paper (which I still do not understand) to attending crowded gatherings when virus cases continued to rise. Has the world finally gone crazy?

Do those few who defy the advice of government representatives really think the virus won’t touch them? Are they oblivious to what is happening around the world?

It is disappointing to see all the hard work that was done to keep Adelaide virus free become undone in a matter of days. Most of the increase in cases can be attributed to breaches in border crossings and individuals avoiding mandatory testing.

The state borders with both Victoria and New South Wales are both sealed shut now as they work to get their cases under control. There is not travel in or out of those states unless it is absolutely essential, but then it would have to be considered carefully.

A behaviour switch has occurred for those living in the other states where people are volunteering to be tested just to be sure they are clear. Most people now realise that it only takes a minor lapse in judgement to start a new wave. Some people have even started to use a mask on board public transport.

The year has been a strange one and it just shows us how quickly things can change if we drop our guard.

What has become clear is that our world will never be the same again.

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