Mindful Art

A trip to the Art Gallery is more than just an experience in viewing fine art and sculpture. It is an activity in the art of mindfulness. As you walk through an art gallery, take your time and allow yourself to connect with it. Let yourself get lost in the different genres until you find a piece that speaks to you.

Science can only answer some questions about the world, but not everything. Through art you can discover a new way of seeing the world and ask questions. Art is an exchange, an experience and an education.

When you immerse yourself in a creative world, you do so through the vision of novelists, artists, poets, photographers and creators. You learn about the emotional side of a cause through their vision.

Art creates deep empathy and connection to creativity and allows:

  • an ability to emphasise with others;
  • to have an open mind for learning;
  • influence the direction of empathy;
  • an experience of emotions to drive positive behaviours towards an artists cause.

Art has a way of allowing you to be fully present to focus, concentrate and absorb yourself in the creative experience as if in a meditative state.

You do not have to be an artist to create. Art is about the process and rhythm of drawing, writing, painting, journaling, sculpting or taking photos. The creative flow lets you be mindful in a natural way.

These activities are perfect if you find it difficult to sit calmly in meditation.

Your mind, during a creative session, becomes focussed on the task of creating and it soon finds inner peace. You settle into your own natural mindfulness session.

Just like in meditation where you feel the natural rhythm of your breath; in your creative activity you become aware of your body, thoughts and emotions as you focus on the experience in the exact moment you are experiencing it.

Do not worry about the end result, it does not need to be perfect. It is about the process, about you, and allowing yourself to relax and enjoy a feeling of creating freely in the moment.Similarly, the next time you walk through an art gallery and find yourself drawn to a piece of art, stop and focus on it. Feel the connection you have to that piece of art. What was it about the art that made you stop?

Each object has its own story to tell. Each person who looks at a piece of art will feel a different emotion. There is no right or wrong way to experience art. Focus on your own thoughts and feelings as you practice the art of mindfulness.

Be curious, open minded and aware of your whole being as you embark on your creative journey. Art will teach more than you realise. It can change how you relate to yourself, others and the world you live in.

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