Five Books to Inspire Post Lockdown Travel

On a cold winter day, there is nothing more relaxing than to curl up with a good book and a hot chocolate (or glass of wine). For travellers, it is a chance to research and read about new destinations to explore.

The below five books show us how travel not only broadens the mind, but teaches us about life and learning to live each day in the present moment.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Join Frances Mayes and her love affair wth the rolling Tuscan countryside as she explores her new surrounds. Following her divorce, she travels to Italy and loves it so much that she spontaneously buys a house “Bramasole” in Tuscany. If you have seen the movie, this book will go deeper into her story about restoring the house and living a new life in the country. These activities are complimented by her new hobbies of cooking, gardening and painting.

Eat Pray Love

While this book is about self reflection, it also takes you away to Italy, India and Indonesia. Again, following on from a painful divorce, Liz sets off on a year of self discovery to learn more about who she is and restore balance in her life through food, prayer and love.

Around the World in 80 days

English travel reporter, and former Monty Python star, Michael Palin follows in the footsteps of Phineas Fogg from the Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days. This challenge was undertaken across land by boat, train and cargo ships; which you may choose to do. His journey takes will take you on a round trip starting and ending in London. All is not smooth sailing (literally) as unexpected delays almost put at jeopardy his race against Mr Fogg to complete the trip in 80 days.

Without Reservations

A story about a single, middle aged woman who takes a brave step outside her comfort zone to travel solo. While she is travelling through Europe, she discovers more about who she is along the way. Especially when she takes a summer course in Oxford to learn more from her salsa instructor about life than her classes. This book shows us that travel really is about connecting emotionally to the cities we visit and embracing the spontaneous feeling of living in the moment.

Wine and War

Read your way across the big wine regions of France; Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace and more. A non-fiction recount from vineyard owners in France who fought to keep their wine industry alive and out of the hands of Germany during World War Two. Each story is retold to the author by relatives of those who fought to keep the French wine industry alive. It is a collection of stories about the people who made sacrifices for the love of their national treasure.

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