Savvy Travellers Packing Guide

Travelling light is always a challenge, especially when you may be travelling through multiple climates. From my first trip more than 20 years ago, I have significantly reduced the amount of luggage needed for my travels. I remember on my first trip to London in the nineties, the big suitcase full of clothes weighing me down as I travelled around the United Kingdom.

I never wore all the clothes I packed and since then I have sought to minimise what I pack each year from then on. I even rethought the bags I took with me. I can now successfully travel with a carry on back pack with the bare essentials.

To show you how I have achieved this, I have prepared a free eBook: The Savvy Travellers Packing Guide. You can also download this guide from the Resources page. These are simple methods of packing that you can also achieve and still travel fresh.

This eBook is a prelude to my new eBook: The Smart Travellers Guide, which I will launch in a couple of months, It is a collection of tips and helpful information which I hope will assist you not only plan your dream vacation, but also how to plan for the unexpected and travel hassle free.

Do you have any packing tips which help you travel light? Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Photo courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

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