Changing Perceptions

As we grow older our perceptions of people, places, things and the world change. You start to see that things are not as they were taught. When you were young, you depended on the adult figures in your life to teach you about the world. You believed them because they were the people you grew up to believe, such as: teachers, parents, doctors, police officers and so on. At the time you did not understand those teachings were based upon their own perceptions of the world. Perceptions that they learned from their adult figures.

As an adult yourself, you realise that times change and things do not stay the same. Mindsets, experiences, choices and your way life all change as you continue to learn.

As you were growing up, your perceptions of the world were influenced from the adult authority figures around you. Your parents, teachers, police, doctors, etc. Their views often became your views because you did not know any better. This meant that sometimes their behaviours and perceptions were automatically transferred onto you.

However, as you grew up and went out to learn, those perceptions and views changed. You formed your own views and perceptions of the world. Perceptions and views which turned out to be quite different from those of you first learned.

Children will automatically trust what has been told to them because they are yet to learn differently. It is not until they start talking to other children and people around them that their learning really begins.

The learning stage is important.

However, you should also realise that your parents were not wrong, either. The perception of truth they learned from their adult role models was handed down over the generations. Each viewpoint based upon different experiences and world events which meant their views changed over time.

Change is good. Change helps you grow and learn. Different viewpoints challenge the way we behave, think and act.

For example; I have recently spent time reviewing my old travel journals for each trip I have taken over the years. It was interesting to see how my perceptions and observations have changed from my first trip. This means that each time I travel and meet new people my perceptions are adjusted as I take in more information. It allows me to critically analyse situations using more resources available to me.

The wider you cast your net, the more views and perceptions you will learn.

Photos courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

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