Easter in Lockdown

As the world continues through lockdown, their year’s Easter travel plans are put on hold as people face the reality of a holiday at home. But Easter at home does not have to be a mundane experience. There is plenty to keep you and your family occupied to have an enjoyable Easter at home.

Remember the time when you wished for more time to do those tasks that kept getting put off until later? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to stop procrastinating and complete those tasks.

Camp out in the backyard

If you are used to camping in the great outdoors on your Easter holidays, why not pitch the tent in your backyard. A barbecue campfire, boardgames, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. You can are your imagination to all levels and enjoy a family weekend campout in the backyard without bumper to bumper traffic and long travel days. A win win all around.

Catch up on reading

Have a pile of books you have been meaning to read, but could it find the time to? Easter is the perfect time to curl up with a calming cup of tea or a glass of wine in your favourite chair and lose yourself in story land.

Catch up on travel movies

While actual travel is off the table until further notice, it does not mean you cannot reminisce with your favourite travel movies. You may even get inspired by new movies and locations which you had not considered before.

Face time with friends and family

Just because we should not go visit our friends or other family members, does not mean cutting out communicate with them. While we have to remain physically apart, social media has made it much easier to keep in contact so you are not alone. Schedule in some time to catch up or even arrange a virtual movie night. It may not be the same as seeing each other in person, but it keeps you social and active.

Online Fitness and Yoga Classes

Just because you are locked down is not an excuse to stop exercising. Many gyms and yoga studios have embraced technology with online yoga studios and exercise programs. Timetables are flexible and the best part is no travel time or traffic to worry about. You can exercise from your lounge room floor.

Plant a vegetable garden

Not only is gardening relaxing, it is a step to becoming self sufficient. Plants do take a while to go, but with patience and some mindful gardening you will soon have your own homegrown vegetables. It also means you save money by growing your own food.

While you are in the garden, embrace the great outdoors and find a quiet spot and take a moment for yourself. Be present. Appreciate the garden around you. Listen to the sounds of nature; birds singing, distant traffic, children playing nearby.

Remember, lockdown is short term. Life has given us a moment to pause and reflect on what really matters. A moment to be grateful and appreciate what the world has provided us. We will get though this together and come out the other side with appreciation, gratitude and a new way of embracing life.

How are you spending your Easter holidays in lockdown?


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