Coping with Travel Anxiety

As travel anywhere has come to a standstill, many of us may be feeling a little anxious. Not from COVID-19; but from not having the freedom to do what makes us feel alive. Of course, closing borders around the world was the smart, sensible thing to minimise the spread as much as possible and allow the virus to burn itself out.

Staying at home is a necessary course of action right now, even though it feels as if we are living in a cage.

While we can no longer travel, there are a few things we can do to maintain our sanity in lockdown.


Ever since I discovered the Calm App, I have spent each day exploring a new meditation program or sleep story. While meditation is not for everyone, I find it relaxing and grounding whenever there is uncertainty around me.

Read a book

With a lot more time at home; it is the perfect time to work through my pile of books and magazines I collect. Reading is not only relaxing, it also stimulates the mind to increase brain activity.

Learn a language

The travel route will open again later, so while we are in lockdown I will pick up my Italian classes online again. The best part of travelling is talking to the locals, so being able to say a few words and/or sentences in that language increases your confidence in going out more; even if it is to the local supermarket.

Work on some writing projects

As a writer I can work from anywhere, so for the next few months I will be working through a few writing projects that have I have planned. Besides this blog, I plan to start on my book and progress it from notes into a draft manuscript.


While gyms and yoga studios are considered non-essential services, many yoga studios are offering online and virtual classes. This means there is no excuse not to keep fit. I love a morning vinyasa class to help me feel energised, ready to take on the day’s challenges.

While these are certainly challenging times, they do not have to cause anxiety. The world of travel will open up again, but the world will be different; including the way in which we interact with it.

If we all do our part in minimising the spread of this virus, life will return to normal soon. Once it does, it will hopefully make us more appreciative and grateful for what we have. Because you do not really know how luck you are until everything is taken away.

Pictures courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

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