Winefulness and Travel

Travelling the wine regions of the world is about more than just wine. Drinking wine is more than just drinking. It is about the experience. With all of your senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Additionally, when experienced the right way, wine has the power to guide you through the key principles of mindfulness.

Wine opens up your mind to a world of new opportunities. This includes enhancing your ability to focus on the present moment and learn awareness of how your body and mind are feel.

When you next attend a wine tasting, do so with all of your senses.

How to taste winefully

Listen right from the start as the bottle opens; the sound of the cap unscrewing, or popping of a cork. Then tune into the sound of liquid pouring from the bottle into your glass.

Taste with your eyes as you notice the wine glass in front of you and the colour of the liquid. You swirl it gently around in the glass to see the colours better.

Use your sense of smell, raise the glass to your nose and let the aromas fill your nostrils. Notice the aromas from every angle and try to identify the smells released.

Lastly, it is time to taste your wine. You take a sip and swirl the liquid around in your mouth. Do not swallow yet, instead hold it inside your mouth and feel the taste on your tongue. Let the wine talk to you.

Interpreting your wine

But what is the wine saying to you?

Okay, so we are not all expert wine tasters whom can taste a wine without looking at the bottle.

However, you can tell more than you think you can.

You know what the wine tastes like and how it feels to all senses during your tasting experience. While you may not be able to tell the type of grape used or its region, you can identify whether you taste a berry, spice or other ingredients used to create the wine.

Wine tasting does not have to be about proving who is the best expert. You do not need to go into this level of detail to know what wine you prefer.

Only you are the expert on your own taste.

The wine tasting process itself is more important to your winefulness journey. It will help bring you fully into the present moment by engaging all of your senses. Allowing you to focus fully on one activity. In the present moment.

Reflect on your experience

After each tasting take a moment to savour the wine. What taste are you left with? How did the experience make you feel?

Does your mouth feel clean and refreshed for another sip or are there flavours lingering which you want to enjoy a moment longer? There is no hurry, being wineful allows you to take as long as you need to reflect on each wine.

When you buy a bottle of your favourite wine to enjoy at home, the taste will take you back to that wineful moment and the memory of your visit.

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