Fringe Alive!

We are halfway through our Adelaide’s Fringe Festival season for 2020 and the crowds and excitement only gets bigger and bigger each year. So much so that it now rivals the Edinburgh Fringe as the best in the world.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival celebrates its 60th birthday this year. From a small start up performance in 1960, the Fringe has grown each year to become the internationally recognised festival it is today.

The festival also shines a light on not only Adelaide, but the state of South Australia (SA). Fringe is also performed in out regional towns to help promote SA as an alternative destination once you are tired of Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Each year I always try and see a show I would not normally go to. Sometimes it will confirm that it is not a show for me. But there have been the occasional shows where I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed the performance. So I have learned not to automatically dismiss a show before I know more about it or have seen it firsthand.

One such Fringe hit, a physical theatre acrobatic performance, has had great reviews for the past couple of years. I had been curious but never seen it until this year. It was good, the performers were energetic and passionate about their performance. However, it did not leave me with that wow factor usually experienced at the end of a show.

The cabaret, one woman show I saw this weekend was one of those surprise hits. I was of two minds beforehand, but I am glad I took a chance on it because it turned out to be my favourite show this year.

Not only does the Adelaide Fringe put on amazing shows across the city, it is also a chance for people to get out and socialise. Even if you choose to go it alone, you won’t be alone for long. Random line conversations while you wait for entry into a Fringe tent allows you to share show experiences and recommendations with someone you have never met before. Yet you bond over the Adelaide Fringe experience.

There are two more weeks left of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, so why not stop by and see what unique shows you can discover.

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