An Independent Traveller

Solo travel. Scary for some. Freedom for others. For those whom embrace it, find out just how enjoyable and liberating it can be travel on your own. First of all, the decisions are all yours. Travel wherever you want and how you want. There is no-one to tell you what to do.

I have been travelling solo for the past couple of decades. Yes, there have been occasions when I have jumped onto a tour. But my preferred way of travelling is independently.

When you travel solo it is best to plan nothing, but research everything. Things can, and will, go wrong from time to time. So you need to have a strategy in place. Pre-book your flights and first night of accommodation in advance. Once at your destination it is peace of mind knowing you have a place to stay and freshen up. You can then make the rest up as you go.

You are never alone even though you are solo. Social sites such as Meetup are great for finding local interest groups. Not only do you get involved in something you love, but you will meet the locals as well.

Independent travel builds character and resilience. So it is not surprising that solo travellers make up more than 30% of the market. More tour companies are realising this trend and slowly adopting their programs to meet the independent travellers’ need.

Travelling alone also lets you take time out for yourself. While family and friends are great, there are times when you just need a time out. You will discover that you actually have time to focus on yourself. Go where you want. Eat what you want. Read a book. Take a yoga class. Or just sit by the pool and do nothing. The choices and freedom are endless.

When you are in a different place, no-one knows you. So you can take a chance and try try something new. Explore. Adventure. Thrill seek your way through each country. Get off the beaten track and live like a local. Independent travel allows you to really immerse yourself in culture. Who knows? You might just find the real you.

People watching at the Pantheon in Roma

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