What does it really mean to be Australian?

January 26, Australia Day and also a controversial day in Australia’s complex history. The debate goes on about whether the date should be changed or not. But no-one is willing to step up and make a decision. However, this is not a political post, this is about how on Australia Day we should celebrate how Australia has grown into a diverse and culturally rich society.

Australia is no longer just an outpost for Britain. It is a country which has since evolved from European arrival to include many other cultures. Cultures whom have brought with them different customs, ideas, beliefs, food, entertainment and the list goes on.

Society has adapted and incorporated these into their lives. There may be a small percentage of people who are yet to accept, but those who have now see the positive benefits of a diverse Australia.

So, with all these cultures, what does it really mean to be Australian?

As a country we are lucky to have so many cultures living together and learning from each other. There are many countries around the world where diversity is not seen as positive and people are punished for having different views.

In Australia, we really do have the freedom to be who we want. To do what we want and experience the world without leaving the country.

On Australia Day, we should focus on how much we have achieved as a young country. How we have grown to accept our troubled past. Most importantly, how we are growing and moving forward to a future of inclusiveness. We still have a long way to go, but we have also come such a long way already.

As an Australian, it is important to understand who we are and how we have learned so much from the diverse cultures we share this country with.

Being Australian is about acceptance, sharing, enjoying life and being a world leader in respecting and understanding cultural differences. These differences can lead to friendships and new experiences which help us grow as a person.

Please share your thoughts

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