A Parisian Christmas

Christmas in Paris is a dream. This year I finally made the dream come true. Paris is beautiful all year round, but it is magical during the festive season.

Despite cool temperatures, Paris heats up the atmosphere with its markets and Christmas displays. Every corner I turned took me to one Christmas display after another.

Perhaps the most popular are the lights along the Champs-Élysées. Brave the crowds taking photos for your own photo memories. Then take a moment to stand and just admire the lights and the vibrant atmosphere around you.

Next take a walk through the Christmas markets beneath La Tour Eiffel. A number of food stalls and ornaments are available to buy. For a true Parisian Christmas experience; grab a cup of vin rouge chaud (warm red wine) and a crepe. Then find a bench amongst the crowd and enjoy the atmosphere.

Then there is the winter wonderland display at Hotel de Ville. Admire the cleverly designed wooden reindeer resting between green and white Christmas tree displays. There is even a carousel ride for the children.

On Christmas Day, indulge in the French Buche Noel Yule log. A heavenly chocolate and vanilla flavoured cake covered with cream. They sell quickly on Christmas Eve, so be sure to plan when you buy this essential treat for the Christmas table.

There are also a number of Department stores across Paris which compete for the best Christmas displays.

I hope you had a great Christmas this year and let’s get ready for an amazing New Year in 2020!

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