Curiosity trumps the fear of travel

No-one ever said travel was not scary. The thought of setting off for a country you do not know, or people you have never met, can be scary. It sparks a feeling of anxiety and uncertainty. But then you think about why you want to travel and what you want to see. That scary feeling disappears and is slowly replaced by curiosity.

It is curiosity which drives us to move forward. Curiosity drives us to explore wonderful, new new cities, countries and cultures.

We soon find our feet and a place of comfort. We meet new people. Different people from those back home. we form friendships, make acquaintances, and learn about their lives and culture.

Of course, bad things can and do happen; such as sickness, delayed or cancelled flights, terrorism, natural disasters, etc. My travels have been disrupted by each of these events, but the experience is what makes you grow. Each incident will build confidence, strength and resilience as you work through a solution to get where you need to be.

We learn. Our minds are open to new opportunities, perspectives, cultures and the way people live. Along the way we visit new cities, explore them, taste food different to what we are used to.

That initial fear of stepping outside our own city, our comfort zone, has almost disapeared. Not completely; there will always be some fear in everything we choose to do. We are human after all. But what we do with that fear will set the scene for what happens next.

We can choose to stay in our safe, comfort zone. Or we can take the leap. Embrace our fear and discover amazing new worlds. New worlds which are different, but also similar, to what we already know.

Embrace your fear and discover exciting, mysterious new worlds like Machu Picchu

Featured image courtesy of Google Clip Art gallery

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