Books can improve your social life and stimulate your brain

This weekend in Adelaide is the Jaipur Literary Festival (JLP), where authors showcases their latest works. The JLP rounds out the annual Oz Asia festival and provides a look into stories about culture and lives of people told through the eyes of a writer. It is not only an entertaining weekend, but one of learning through storytelling.

Fiction books have the ability to make you more empathetic as discovered by research from the Univeristy of Toronto. The more fiction read, the greater social awareness you will unlock within yourself.

When you join a book club, discussing complex plots will require concentration and enhace your ability to retain information. Your brain needs these intellectual challenges to stay alert, healthy and active.

Discussing complex plots and storylines of a book each week helps keep the brain sharp as it analyses what each character is doing, thinking, feeling and how they fit into the story.

Your mind wil get practice in remembering details which in turn strengthens your ability to think and come up with solutions.

Books not only stimulte your mind, they can boost your social life as well. Especially when you join a bookclub. Meeting people and making new friends through reading and book clubs can help you find a group of likeminded people with a shared interest in reading. While discussing the plots and characters, you will develop  friendships which can lead to  lifelong friendships as you spend more time talking, socialising and reading.

JLP Book
One of the author stories presented at JLP


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