Books for Brain Health

You may not realise it, but there are many health benefits from reading books. In an age where we feel the need to be connected through technology and social media, taking a time out with a good book can connect you to yourself.

You can get books as either an ereader, kindle or the original paper based version. While electronic books are great to store your entire collection, the latter is preferable to free yourself from digital distractions.

There is something calming about picking up a real book. The smell, sound and feel as you turn the pages sets you up for a good read.

Your brain is like a computer, overload it and it will shut down. Every day we make our brains do a million things at once. It does its best to keep up, but like a computer it will freeze from data overload.

This is what is known as the stress response. Your brain can no longer keep up with the multiple programs it is forced to retain. Eventually, the brain burns out and you lose your effectiveness.

The complex organ known as the brain was not made to do multiple things at once. The brain works at its peak when in a calm, relaxed state. You need to take a step back and allow your brain to rest.

Sitting down in a quiet environment will allow your brain to rest. A good book, in a genre you enjoy, will allow your brain to calm. You will feel yourself move into a state of mindfulness. Your focus on the present moment will let the brain rest and restore itself.

Reading books is an effective stress reduction tool. A study at the University of Sussex found books reduced stress by up to 60% more than walking or listening to music.

In addition, by relaxing your brain your overall physiological health can improve. A good read can lower blood pressure, boost your immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease.

So, with all these health benefits, it makes sense to reach for a good book when you are in need of relaxation.

Photos courtesy of Google Clipart gallery.

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