Aussie Theatre Culture for Learning

Australia is not known to be big on theatre, but the reality is different. Theatre culture has grown and more people attend shows each year than ever before. While most shows are played in Sydney and Melbourne; Adelaide has seen an increase in performances over recent years.

The largest show is the Adelaide Fringe Festival catering to not only theatre goers, but celebrates a wide range of acts. The Fringe is only rivalled by its counterpart in Edinburgh. There are so many different styles of show from theatre, cabaret, music, circus theatre, comedy and more.

Adelaide Fringe Festival
Adelaide Fringe  Festival

I love the theatre, but it had been a while since I last saw a show. So this weekend I went to see the Spanish fiery production of Matador; an energetic evening of dance and burlesque. With only a few shows on offer, it was sold out.

The stage is set for Matador

Theatre provides much more than an evening out with friends and family. It is also a way of learning about life. Whether Australian or international, each show can tell us much about a country, place and culture.

This is one of the reasons I choose the shows I see carefully.

The theatre teaches us to view the world with an open mind. There are shows which you may never normally see, but often surprise you. It is these shows which broaden your theatre culture even more.

And there are some I choose just for fun, like Fuego Carnal at the Adelaide Fringe this year. An energetic show combining stunts, acrobatics, cabaret and fire.

Adelaide_Fuego Carnal
Fuego Carnal at the Adelaide Fringe Festival

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