Darwin: City of Food Culture

Forget Melbourne and Sydney; if you want culture, Darwin is actually the most culturally diverse city in Australia.

Over the year’s many countries have left their influence on the Top End. Italian. Greek. Asian. Mexican. South American. They are all represented there.

A great place to chill out in the evening is at Mexican restaurant Hot Tamale with a glass of sangria on the Waterfront.

If you prefer seafood then the relatively new Snapper Rocks is for you. Open all day it boasts great views of the water and park play area for the children.

Despite what you hear about Darwin, it is a safe city. There are only about one million people in the Territory compared to other Australian cities.

Festivals are a community affair and you can usually find most Territorians out and about soaking up the carnival atmosphere. Such as the Glenti Greek Festival which was in town recently showcasing the best of Greece. There was traditional Greek dancing to watch while indulging in a yiros.

The best time to visit is during the dry season which runs approximately between May and October.

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