In Search of Summer

As the cold winter sets in Down Under, it is time to find new ways to keep warm. I love the warm weather and last year I was fortunate to escape to a European summer. However, that is not always possible every year. It is the long weekend here in Australia. A time where many Aussies take advantage of an extended break from work.

I decided to join them and escape cold, southern Adelaide temperatures for the warm, tropics of Northern Territory. From late May to early September it is the dry season in northern Australia. It is easier to get around without flooded roads and stray crocodiles roaming the bush.

Yes, crocodiles do come inland during the wet season. The locals will tell you that it is not impossible to find one lounging in a backyard pools.

Litchfield National Park is an easy day trip from Darwin and provides several swimming holes. You will be glad for the cool, refreshing waters once you explore the walking trails.

It is also out of range from internet and phone service, perfect to disconnect for a while. Perfect to actually talk to people face to face instead of through a phone.

We lose so much when we only see through the phone. There are many beautiful places to explore, amazing people to meet, friendships to grow and new cultures to learn about.


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