Travel as Therapy

Who needs therapy when you have travel? Does sitting in front of a counsellor or therapist make you more stressed and anxious? Do you really need therapy for everything? Society tells us that if we have trouble coping with a situation then talking to a professional will help. Okay, in some cases it can make people feel better to unload. But what if you are in the small percentage of people which counselling is not going to assist?

For me that was the case in 2016, I knew talking to a therapist was not going to help me. I had already started my own process of healing through yoga and meditation. Yet, while this helped, it was not enough. I longed for something more. To find out what I really wanted in life. I needed a change of scenery rather than the same routine day in day out.

The obvious choice for me was travel.

I had always felt better when I explored a new culture, country or city. It was also the place where I did my best thinking.

Three years on, I have found my centre and focus again. I feel ready to finally pursue what I love best. To pursue what I really want in life.

While conventional therapy has its place and works for some, I found getting away from the status quo worked for me. To be able to examine what was going on for me in a neutral setting worked. There was no-one to tell me how I should act, feel or do. Sometimes the pressure of family and friends offering advice and suggestions, although with good intentions, can do more harm than good.

My time travelling and assessing my goals has led me to a fascination of the holistic wellbeing industry. Why treat one symptom when we can treat our whole self – mind, body and spirit.

However, to make travel as therapy work, it is important to choose your destination carefully. Where will you feel the most peace for your healing journey to begin? A luxurious beach resort? Hiking in the Andes? Or simply chilling out at an Italian sidewalk cafe?

The key is to find a destination which works for you.

A place which feels right.

Mindful moments in Bali

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