A Sunburnt Country

Australia really is a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains – as the poem goes. One just has to set foot into the Central Australian outback to experience a whole different view to our country.

I took a weekend mini break to Alice Springs on the weekend. Although I thought I knew what it would be like, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself learning more.

A trip about 147 kilometres from Alice Springs took me to the remoteness of the outback into a natural oasis known as Palm Valley. It is here that red cabbage palms grow freely on the shade of the red and brown sandstone rocks.

It may not be expected to see palm trees in the outback, but they have certainly adapted to their environment.

It is believed the Aranda people brought the palm seeds with them upon their return to the area. The Aranda people previously had to evacuate Central Australia during the ice age. When the ice age was over, they returned to their traditional land bringing the red cabbage palms with them.

These are the stories we are not taught or told about in school, but form a significant part of our country’s history.

Apart from some additional education, the best part of the day was to disconnect from technology. For one, there is no phone service in Palm Valley. The only way to make calls is by satellite phone, but this is only for an emergency should one arise.

Disconnecting from telecommunications, social networks and civilisation is the best way to re-energise and enjoy being in nature. I was able to appreciate the natural, sunburnt plains and sandstone rock formations around me.

Palm Valley was the perfect spot to spend a weekend mindfulness moment. To appreciate present moment awareness of my surroundings.

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