In Search of the Easter Quokka

Instead of the Easter bunny, this year I went in search of an Easter Quokka. Okay, there is no such thing as an Easter Quokka, but there are Quokkas roaming free and wild on Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia.

A visit to Rottnest Island is a full day adventure in a natural oasis. A short 30 minute ride on the Rottnest Express ferry will have you on the island quickly to explore at your own pace.

Many tourists go to Rottnest Island for the Quokkas. A small, brown, furry marsupial which inhabit the island.

Within ten minutes of arrival on the island, I spotted my first Quokka as it hopped across the path in front of me. At this point I had not left The Settlement (the name of the main town) yet.

The Quokka is brave and will come right up to you hoping for food. However, it is important that you do not touch or feed them. For one, they bite. And second, people food makes them very ill and can contribute to their demise.

As I rode around the island, I saw lots of people seeking out their perfect Quokka selfie. This seemed to be a trend since celebrities like Roger Federer and Matt Damon, to name a couple, have had their own Quokka selfies posted on social media.

However, it is much better to observe the Quokka from a distance and watch how it interacts with its natural environment. This will leave a longer lasting memory than scrambling to get the perfect selfie.

And you won’t annoy the Quokka so much.

Once you are done with the Quokka photos; and if you are fit and able, the island is best seen by bike. There are three routes to follow; a half hour trail to Bathurst lighthouse, a three hour half island circuit, or a five hour loop of the whole island.

I chose the half island circuit as it provided a scenic view of the coast and natural salt lakes inland. There were plenty of rest stops for photos and beach time.

Back at The Settlement there are a variety of cafes, restaurants and shops to choose from. After a cycle around the island, it was great to sit down for a welcoming lunch and refreshing, cool drink.

Rottnest Island is a full day adventure but worth the time spent enjoying the natural beauty.

The only thing I have to warn you about – the ferry plays eighties music during the crossing!

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