Resume Writing for Travellers

Okay, so you have returned home and need to find a job. How do you present your overseas travel to employers? Last decade taking a year off to travel was seen as a career breaker. Today, it is the opposite and can actually help your career. Employers are slowly seeing the benefits to hiring someone with travel on their resume.

First, some planning is needed. If you spent the whole year lazing on a beach in Bali sipping cocktails, this probably won’t win any points with potential employers.

travel-isnpirations-484x720However, if you spent some of your time engaging in activities such as volunteering, teaching, writing, photography, negotiating with street vendors, etc. you can leverage some transferable skills to win a job back home.

So, how do you write this on your resume and where do you put it? You will either enter your skills under work skills or additional skills. Below are some examples of how to write travel experiences into your resume.

Work Skills

  • Teaching English to children in Vietnam for six months.
  • Housesitting and pet caring duties while travelling for a month in France.
  • Freelance writing articles for a variety of publications both online and print.

Additional Skills

  • Negotiating with market vendors in Morocco
  • Flexible approach to management of cancelled flights
  • Planning, budgeting and coordination skills to ensure all aspects of my travel were executed appropriately.
  • Cultural respect and communication skills while participating in volunteer programs in Kenya
  • Studied Italian for a month in Rome.

These are only a few of the transferrable skills which can be of assistance when you return home after your extended travel journey. Take a moment to reflect on all the activities you undertook while abroad, then pick out the key skills you needed in order complete them.

If you can market your newly gained skills effectively, an employer will soon see the benefits of hiring you.



Photos courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery




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