How to Cover a Career Break?

A blank gap on your resume raises eyebrows from recruitment managers. These gaps may be months or years where an applicant has not been in the traditional workplace.

But a gap does not necessarily mean a person has done nothing during that time. They may have taken a break to start a family, travel or had caring responsibilities.

Most importantly, those three situations can provide an applicant with much needed skills and experience to make their return to the workforce.


A person learns a lot when they are on maternity (parental) leave. Skills like leadership, time management, negotiations, organisation, budgeting are all transferrable back into a traditional workplace.

Caring Responsibilities

A person will learn the softt skills needed in the workplace as they undertake their caring roles. A big one is communication, resilience and empathy. Leadership and coaching are also strong skills developed through caring roles.


Taking an extended period of time to travel may seem to others like a luxury. In fact, a person learns a whole new set of skills when they travel. Especially solo travellers. Not only do you become a leader in your own right, but you become an effective decision maker. You appreciate and understand how diversity benefits and shapes behaviours.

2 Replies to “How to Cover a Career Break?”

  1. Loved this quick read and straight to the heart of what it really means to have that break from traditional workplace … often we don’t recognise new skills that have developed when we take that break! Thanks for another great blog!

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