Why do people compromise their safety?

The wheels of my London-Dubai flight had just touched its wheels on the tarmac when I heard seatbelts unlock. I watched as people started to get up out of their seats. Even more frightening was they opened the overhead  compartments, and began to pull out their heavy bags. Did I mention the plane was still on the runway while all this went on. It appears the human race are in so much of a hurry they will ignore safety.

When the plane finally came to a stop and berthed itself at the arrival gate, it was still another ten minutes before the doors actually opened. So why not just sit back and wait the extra ten minutes until it is safe to get up. It’s not going to kill you.

So what would have happened if the pilot had to hit the brakes suddenly on the tarmac?  How many injuries would there have been?  In fact, I have had taken domestic flights within Australia when pilots have had to do this.

You can imagine the complaints and lawsuits which would have followed from those who were stupid enough to stand up, disobeying safety procedures.

The reality of having everything available on smartphones has made people impatient. Which transfers into other parts of heir lives, where waiting a couple of minutes seems like an inconvenience.

Safety rules are put in place for a reason. If you don’t follow them, then you find out the hard – and expensive – way.

I have seen impatience and rushing too many times almost end in disaster. Take the simple action of crossing the street. Instead of walking 20 metres to a pedestrian crossing, people cut across in front of moving traffic.

If an accident occurs, then a car can be repaired, people not so much. So why not take the time to slow down. Wait a couple more minutes and you will get to your destination safely.  In one piece.

There is really no reason why everything has to be done immediately. That is about how people plan their days, but that is for another story at another time.

Why are you rushing off the plane?

If you want to be the first to collect bags from the baggage carousel, you will end up waiting again anyway. Usually on average there is another 15 minutes to wait before bags actually arrive. You may be lucky that yours are the first off the plane, but then they may be last.

Catching.a taxi? There are a constant supply arriving and departing at most city airports. You won’t miss one.

Arrival buses and trains in most cities have a 24 hour transport service to ensure travellers reach their destination.  If you miss one, there will be another.

Chauffeur pick up drivers monitor when flights land. They also know it may take time to get through airport formalities. If you really are concerned, give them a call when you land.

There really is no excuse for compromising your safety.  There is always a solution.


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