The Greek Rollercoaster

In August, the waters of the Mediterranean are rough. The wind seems to be twice as strong than normal. This makes a trip on the Greek ferry an interesting experience. The crew is well prepared for what lies ahead, however, passengers who choose to travel in August are not.

The ferry is perhaps the fastest, easiest and often cheapest way to travel between the Greek Islands. Ferry terminals are close to the main towns which alleviates the cost of using taxis. On most islands, it is only a short walk into town.

This summer I travelled by ferry  during my trip to the Greek Islands. The first leg between Milos and Naxos was not so bad. It was quite a pleasant trip, despite the crowds. However, my second trip between Naxos and Mykonos was where things got interesting. The ferry literally bounced from wave to wave which got the better of some passengers, It was time for the crew to deploy their trusty paper sick bags.

Once the ferry arrived at the port of Mykonos, it was a relief to leave the vessel. The interior had started to smell with the number of passengers who had become sick.

The strong winds are unrelenting during August.  If you know that you are not good  on rough seas, it is best to maybe fly instead.



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