Traditional Naxos

Each Greek island in the Cyclades has its own unique vibe. For Naxos, it is all about tradition. Even during summer you won’t find hordes of tourists like on the popular islands of Mykonos or Santorini.

However, Naxos still has its share of visitors. But the atmosphere is one of relaxation and calmness. You can still walk around in the evening without the crowded streets.

The first thing you will notice upon arrival on Naxos is the looming gateway up on the hill. This gateway was a temple dedicated to the God Apollo. It also provides amazing views of Chora, the main town.


While there are still bars, restaurants and nightlife on the island; it is not as crazy as the party islands. It is possible to enjoy a night out without the noisy club scene. Many restaurants are perfectly located along the harbour front which allows views of the sunset show each evening.



During the day it is worthwhile getting lost in the narrow, winding streets inside the historic centre. Inside the castle take a step back to traditional life in the archaeological museum to discover how life on the island has grown. Continue your journey at the Folklore Museum with a focus on life and customs of the first people.


Life on Naxos is refreshing and relaxing. At the end of the day take a walk to St George’s Beach which is about 300 metres from the main square. It is the main beach and popular with both locals and visitors. There are several beach clubs and restaurants along the shore which are perfect for a drink while you take in the view.



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