The Greatest Show on Earth

A Mykonos sunset is a must see event. It is what I call the greatest show on earth. I have never witnessed a more perfect sunset than that of when I visit the Greek Islands. More specifically, Little Venice on the island of Mykonos.

The sunset here is like watching a golden ball of fire slowly melt into the cool, azure blue sea. It happens gradually every night in a kaleidoscope of orange, yellow and red on the evening horizon.

Although the August winds force strong waves against the sea wall, the effect is calming. No matter how fierce the waves lash the coast, it is beautiful to watch.

As the sun sets over another Greek summer day, it takes with it my memories of magical Delos. While I felt at home in Italy, I will always love the relaxed feeling I get from Mykonos.

The Greeks are friendly and welcoming and truly accommodating as they make you feel at home on their island paradise.

Mykonos will always be a special place where I can take it slow and relax. I see this as an annual event now I have experienced another gorgeous, fiery orange sunset.

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