Roma For Eternity

It was crazy, dirty and busy; but I loved it. Every time I arrive in Roma I feel excited at the new opportunities and adventures that await. Yet I’ve heard people describe Roma as a dirty, crowded city. In a way I understand that perspective. Yes, the traffic is certainly crazy and Italian drivers are not most patient people on the road.

However, you have to remember Roma is an ancient city. If you look beyond the archaeological roadworks to the people, you will discover something magical.  My time in the Eternal City has certainly been memorable where I have seen amazing new places and met great people.

As the sun sets over my last week in Roma, I realise it is always hard to say goodbye to something you love. I will miss the Eternal City when I move onto my next European destination.

I love the ongoing archaeological roadworks which are forever present. Roma is a city that has stood the test of time. It has endured so much chaos and war throughout history, but still managed to survive and flourish. There will always be a new discovery which leads us to learn new stories about this ancient civilisation.

I will remember walking through the old, cobblestone streets and admiring Roma’s strength and endurance present in every corner of the city.. No matter what history has thrown its way, Roma continues to thrive.

Roma is one of those cities which I immediately feel at home. The culture and way of life is what I love about the Italians. They are both intense and passionate in everything they do. It may look like an argument to the outside observer, sometimes it is, but this is how Italians communicate.

I certainly see myself back in Roma in the near future.

Roma truly is the eternal city.


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