See Paris for Free

See Paris for free. Impossible you might say. Yet this is more of a reality than you realise There is no need to spend a fortune on attractions because there are many which can be visited for free.Here are six of my favourite free attractions I visited on my last trip to the City of Light.

Musee Carnavalet

Currently under renovations until 2020, but once reopened you can travel back through Parisian history as early as the 1500s. The Paris Story is free and located in the trendy Marais District.

Place des Vosges

A fenced green space just below the trendy Marais district. Bring a picnic and enjoy a lazy, summer afternoon on the grass listening to the soft trickling fountains in each corner of the square. No dogs are allowed so you can ensure that the grass remains clean..

Maison Victor Hugo

This museum was a short walk from my Paris apartment. Set on the corner the beautiful Place de Vosges, why not take an hour to walk through the house where writer Victor Hugo lived the longest in with his wife.

Marais District

Take a walk through the city streets and discover not only an architectural wonderland, but you will come across many quirky characters.

Musée D’Orsay

Located on the banks of the River Seine, this museum offers free entry on the first Sunday of each month to its patrons. There are a good selection of paintings by Monet to enjoy. Be warned, it does get crowded.

Parc de Mars

Pack a picnic lunch and take up a prime position on the lawn beneath La Tour Eiffel. This is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel Tower while construction is underway on enhanced security gates around the tower’s base. Currently there are two security features to go through; one at the new gates and second as you enter the pillars to ascend upwards. So it makes sense that your one is best spent on a picnic lunch with a view.

Go by Foot

Save on the expense of taxis and public transport with this simple and cheap alternative. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how walkable Paris really is. Armed with a map and a good pair of walking shoes, most of Paris can be covered by foot. An added bonus is walking the streets will also keep you fit. It will also leave you more room to indulge in delicious French cheese and wine at the end of a long day.

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