Where the locals really eat in London

No doubt about it, eating out in London can be expensive. However, follow in the footsteps of the locals to save your money.. Almost all of the popular attractions in London will try and tempt you to have lunch on their premises. Often at over inflated prices which means you pay double the price for a simple sandwich. Plus, the selection is often limited.

Take a moment to observe what the locals do when they buy lunch in the city. The majority of them will head for small supermarket outlets such as Sainsbury,’s, Tescoe, Waitrose or Marks & Spencer. Each of these have a wide selection of hot and cold food to choose from. You can even get dessert!

A favourite of mine is the chain of Pret a Manger stores that can be found across the country. Friendly staff sell a wide selection of hot and cold food at reasonable prices.

The best thing about these outlets is that you can then take your lunch and have a quiet picnic.

There are many open, green spaces around the city to choose from. Especially now that it is summer in London, there is no excuse not to want to sit outside and enjoy a picnic in the sun.

So next time you plan a visit to the museum, stop by the local supermarket and pick up a sandwich or salad first and save.

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