How Travel Has Changed

Oh how the way we travel has changed – and how quickly. Hands up those who remember paper based plane tickets? Quite a few of you, I would imagine. On the eve of my trip to Europe, I took a look through my old travel documents I collected over the years. There was so much paper involved!.Phone cards. Guide books. Phrase books. Maps. No wonder we were in danger of exceeding our baggage limits!

When I first started travelling a couple of decades ago the airline tickets were issued as paper. I then took my ticket to the check in counter to begin the check in process, including seat selection.

Today, it is so much simpler with online booking and check in. You can take care of the whole check in process from your mobile device. When you arrive at the airport, all you have to do is put your bag through the bag drop counter and off you go.

The invention of the internet doesn’t stop there. Online Apps negate the need to lug around heavy guide and phrase books. Access all the information you need on each country via an App such as the Lonely Planet City Guides.

Learning the basics of another language is also no problem. There are so many apps to choose from. Google translate is a good starting point but you’ll need to be within a wifi hotspot. Other apps to try are: Duolingo, Babel and Busuu. Simply type or speak the words you need to know, and the Apps will translate them for you instantly.

I remember my first trip to London many years ago where I had to use a plastic phone card to make calls. However, those days are long gone with the increasing popularity of mobile devices. Travel sims and travel data plans can ensure you are in contact with friends and family at home.

What are some of the items you used to travel with that have been replaced by technology? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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