Why I Travel Alone

Ever since I was young, I had always known I wanted to travel. Yet back then no-one wanted to go with me. The excuses always revolved around money, time, too busy or not interested. So I made a decision to just do it on my own. I booked my first trip to London 28 years ago and never looked back. I’m glad I took the risk, because I’ve seen so many places and met lots of great people.

Travelling alone has so many benefits and it opens up your mind to exciting new cultures and experiences you may never have at home.

Today, I am used to travelling alone. My confidence has increased. I am more confident, braver and learned a lot about myself and my capabilities along the way.

Quite often people think travelling alone is lonely. For those who frequently travel alone will agree that this is not the case. You are never alone. Solo travellers have the capacity and confidence to make friends on the road.

During my many years of travel, I have discovered there are so many solo travellers out there. They are all on a journey to explore as much of our world as possible.

Travelling alone will also develop you as a strong, independent person. You will learn many valuable life skills not taught at school.

Travel builds your resilience, decision making and problem solving skills. When you find yourself in a situation your quick thinking skills will find the best solution and resolve it.

Travelling solo means that when you want to be alone and recharge, you can. There is no-one else around to tell you how many museums there are to see before closing time. You have the power to decide when and what to see and do.

Canggu Horrse riding

Picture courtesy of Google Clip Art gallery

3 Replies to “Why I Travel Alone”

  1. I too enjoy traveling solo. Much of my hiking is done alone, partly by choice and partly because friends and family are busy. I just started blogging about my PCT hikes and would love it if you take a look and let me know what you think.

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    1. thank you, travelling solo is a great way of seeing th world when no-one else in your circle does.
      Love your blog and your liking adventures. Hope you recover quickly. Look forward to reading about your next hike.

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