The Meaning of Easter

This weekend many family’s will indulge in a chocolate treat to celebrate Easter. But has the real meaning of Easter been pushed aside in favour of eggs and hot cross buns.? Do we remember what Easter is really about? In fact, Easter Sunday is perhaps the most important Sunday of the year.

Easter is celebrated after Holy Week which ends on Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified.  On Sunday the day of his rising, is not only known as his resurrection, but a symbol of new beginnings.

The Easter egg is meant to symbolise new life and is a light hearted way to expose children to the meaning of Easter. As they grow older they will come to appreciate and learn to understand why Easter Sunday is powerful to those who believe in the magic of resurrection.

New Easter Morning Christian Cross Concept Jesus Risen at Night

Easter is followed by Lent which is  known on the Christian calendar as a time of abstinence and penitence. Christians will take the moment to reconnect with their beliefs. Think of it as a time for shedding those bad habits which you have automatically developed. Lent is a time to let go of temptations and re-energise your belief systems.

Easter is a powerful holiday despite the festivities of Easter egg hunts and chocolate indulgence. Christians will celebrate their belief in the divine power of Jesus. They will resurrect their beliefs that from loss comes a sense of hope and new beginnings.


All photos courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery



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