Mixing it up at the Festival

It’s festival time in Adelaide again. The months of February and March are packed with a smorgasbord of entertainment for all ages and interests.

I have always been a fan of the arts and try to see as many shows as possible.throughout the year. Within time and budget restrictions, of course, because no-one could possibly see every show which comes out.

When the Fringe Festival arrives each year, I do have my favourite artists. I like to follow their journey as they progress through their artistic career. But for each regular artist whom returns, there are just as many new acts emerging onto the artistic arena.

It’s great news for Adelaide, because each year the festival gets bigger and better.

This year I decided to pick a new show to see outside of my usual genre of music, comedy or cabaret. I selected a show which falls into the circus and physical theatre genre which is called Le Aerial.

How did I randomly choose a show? My go to method of selection is to open up the festival program brochure at random. Then blindly select one of the shows available from that page.

Exploring different shows is a way of expanding our views of other cultures. Even reflecting on our own. It is a chance to break out of our comfort zone and do something different. Something outside of our normal pattern of behaviour.

Mixing it up at festival time is a great way to explore shows we may never have considered and discover something wonderful about the creative world through arts.


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