Building Resilience through Travel

It may seem surprising, but yes, the more you travel the greater your resilience builds. Especially if you travel solo or frequently. Travelling is both rewarding and challenging. but it is the challenges you face which build your resilience. Most importantly, the way you deal with these challenges will help you in the workplace.

Challenges come in the form of language barriers, culture, delays and emergency situations. The way you deal with these challenges, will put you in better steed to deal with anything.

While travelling I have had to navigate a few flight delays and missed connections during trips to England and Chile.

In London my reservation had been entered twice into the system on two different dates. This meant the airline thought I had already flown out the day before. So there I was in London City Airport. I stayed calm and went into automatic pilot to contact my travel agent to find out what had gone wrong. Half an hour later everything was all sorted. I could check in and be on my way to Madrid.

In Chile my flight from Sydney arrived ten minutes before my connection to Peru was due to depart and there was no way of transiting in time to catch it. It was a matter of remaining calm and liaison with the airline ground staff to re-book onto the next flight leaving later in the evening. It also meant contacting my airport transfer and arranging for my pick up to align with the new flight time. The new flight departed on time and got me to my final destination safely to meet my pickup at 2;30am.

When you discover situations like these your first thought might be to panic. But you can’t. You are overseas and need to get to your next destination. There is no time to panic.

These experiences taught me about problem solving and remaining focussed on my goal. They have also made me stronger and more resilient to face other situations which may arise in life. The more I travel, the greater my resilience and ability to problem solve increases.

The world of travel has changed since i first began my journeys a couple of decades ago. In the last few years, terrorism has become a factor when we make our travel plans. My awareness of the potential danger has made me more flexible and adaptive to change my travel plans on the go if required.

I was in Brussels on 22 March 2016 when terrorism struck the airport and metro system It was a scary day as the early morning city buzz slowly cleared out. By mid morning central Brussels was like a ghost town. The transport system had shut down, businesses closed up, taxis were non-existent. I had to use my initiative to work out how to get back to my hotel across the city later in the day. I got through the day by being resilient. I remained calm, kept up to date with news developments and was able to reassure family and friends back home I was safe.

Brussels showed me that whatever life threw at me I could adopt, change and grow stronger to meet future challenges.

Resilience is a skill which is required in today’s workplace. If you can handle the challenges thrown at you on the road, you are way ahead of the game when it comes to solving problems at work.


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