Viva La Boca

If you like colourful, then take a stroll through La Boca the bohemian side of Buenos Aires.  This side of the city has sprung up as a major tourist attraction with visitors flocking to admire the brightly painted houses. 

However, there was a method to the mad idea of painting these houses different colours.  It is said ge migrantss when they arrived had left over tins of paint from the ship and subsequently used the paint up on their houses. This is why you will see the colours randomly displayed.  Once one colour ran out, they moved on to the next. The result – a vibrant, energised neighbourhood.

La Boca is not a rich area. In fact, it is one of the poorest areas of the city.  If you visit, ensure it is before 6pm. Everything closes after this and the streets become deserted.

However, during the day, La Boca is alive with cafes, bars and yes even tango in the streets

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