The Golden Rules of Reclining

There is little room in the economy section of an airplane as it is. When the person in front of you flings their seat back, there is even less.  It can be annoying and an inconvenience.

Reclining the seats on an airplane has also been a highly debatable topic. So here are five golden rules I have collated to asssist you when your fellow passengers feel the need to recline.

  • Do not recline during the meal service or when refreshments are being served.  Hot drinks and meals are a safety hazard to reclining seats.
  • Do not recline unless you ask the person behind you if it is okay.  Manners go a long way and you are more likely to be greeted with a favourable response.
  • If your flight is five hours or less, do not even think about it. We can all sit upright for such a short period of time. I have just taken a flight from Cuzco to Lima which is only just over an hour and the person in front of me reclined.
  • Recline slowly and be mindful of what the person behind you is doing.  Do they have a hot drink or laptop on their tray table. Is the person holding a baby on their lap behind you.
  • Finally, only recline as far as you actually need to. You really do not need all the space of a full recline.

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