Magical Machu Picchu

A trip to Peru is not complete without a visit to Machu Picchu. There is no better feeling than to sit up on the agricultural steps and look down at this ancient Incan city.

Take the half hour bus ride from Aguas Calientas , a town built specifically for tourism. You can also buy your ticket at the same time you purchase the bus ticket. However, be warned, get there early as the line for the buses literally winds ups the street.

Once inside Machu Picchu there are a few rules to be mindful of.  Due to a few unfortunate tragic incidents resulting in tourist deaths, the following activities are not allowed.

  • No jumping selfies
  • Do not sit on the walls
  • No naked photos
  • No desiccating the rules ( yes tourists have been urinating on the walls)

The Peruvian authorities are on hand to ensure everyone remains safe during their visit.

As you tour the ruins you will be in awe of how the Inca people lived many centuries ago.  It does get crowded which makes it difficult to enjoy a walk through the main city ruins. But if you tune out the noise around you and focus on the Inca people, you can feel their spirit around you.

However, soon it will be more expensive to visit the Machu Picchu ruins. The Peruvian Government is planning for a cable car to be erected over the site in the next couple of years. Soon this will be the only way to view the sacred site. If you want to walk the ruins, there will be an additional cost.

So right now enjoy the privilege of the ruins from the ground surrounded by the energy and spirit of the ancient Inca people.

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